Trends I’ve Been Loving

Hi guys! Today’s post is something I never thought I would really write. But I got thinking and I actually had something to say about the subject. It’s nothing crazy; it’s just the trends and looks that I’ve really been liking lately. Over the last year, I start trying to find a few different ways […]

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What’s In My Purse This Summer

Hey guys! While in the middle of summer, I’ve swapped my backpack for a purse. As I’ve grown up, I’ve started to like purses and bags more and more. I thought I would share what you can find in it while I’m out on an adventure! Lip balm, lotion, hand sanitizer:┬áPersonally, I don’t really leave […]

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Summer Bucket List!

Hi everyone! I feel like it wouldn’t be summer without a bucket list on this blog… Last year I was really struggling with finding an in-between of kid activities (blowing bubbles outside) and older activities (go on a road-trip)… However this year, the Gods of bucket lists thought they would help me out I guess, […]

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