Fall Nail Colours

Hello guys! It has been a little bit longer than usual but I assure you, I was just making sure I was happy with my content! With the new season upon us, there are a few changes to bring to our routines, I thought nails could be one of them. Personally, I love having my … Continue reading Fall Nail Colours


Fall Reading List

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you my fall reading list. Now for some reason, I associate Fall books with darker themes. I tend to steer away from summer love stories and reach for more secrets and cemeteries. I know a for one opposite to another! But my reading styles literally change by the week. Especially these … Continue reading Fall Reading List

Fave Makeup!

Hey guys! Lately, I have been working with multiple makeup items and I have racked up some favourites! These are all drugstore, but I love them just as much as the other options! Here I share with you what they are and why I love them. Hope you enjoy! Rimmel London Insta Fix&Matte - translucent … Continue reading Fave Makeup!

Summer 2017

Hello guys, Today, I am reflecting on summer 2017. Reflecting is something I really enjoy doing, so when something comes to an end, I like to share my thoughts. Here it goes. I enjoyed my summer, I cannot say it was life changing like you see on TV or read in books, and I was … Continue reading Summer 2017