What To Watch On Netflix

Hi again!

Special double-post just to give you an idea of what I post! I also thought this would be a good idea since it’s Saturday and you might be ou doing lots of stuff or just chilling at home looking for a good show to watch! No judgment if that’s all you do of your day! Also  I am that person that gets hooked on a show and watches it 24/7. I can’t help it! Or I love it and go through it all in a week, or I don’t like it and don’t watch. So I put together a list (yes, another one!) of shows that I have or will watch(ed). These are mostly based on teenage interest. Also note that I am taking inspiration from Netflix Canada.


-Once Upon A Time


-Gilmore Girls

-Pretty Little Liars

-Switched at birth

-The Fosters

-The Secret Life Of The American Teenager


-Vampire Diaries

-Dance Academy

-Degrassi- next class


Hope you liked this! Make sure to leave other suggestions in the comments!

Love you, have a bright day!




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