Kind Of Lost…

Hi guys!

So not all my posts will be like this but this is still my thoughts and I still want to share some of them with the world of opinions… So to be honest, I am kind of lost in this world of blogging… I already had a blog… But it wasn’t doing that well and the editor wasn’t of top quality, I would get fake views, no views, and the templates were quit basic… So decided to go explore something else, and I found this… And I love it but I realise changing blogs will open and close some doors. I have listed the Pros and Cons of  changing editors…


  • Nicer template
  • Real views
  • More legitimate editor
  • Change (fresh start, new look…)


  • Possibility of losing viewers
  • Possibility of looking like a quitter
  • Not having a job possibility
  • Saying goodbye to my other blog (it’d be very sad)

I guess it comes out to be equal, I posted something on my other blog, basically me reflecting on the change, it got some views but no feedback… I think the truth is, I’m ok with both but I don’t want to give any of them up… I’m quite lost in this change… I need some support, and structure, opinions… If any of you have suggestions please leave them below.

Love you, have a bright day!


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