Must-Have Apps

So I was going through my phone and thinking up a ‘’what’s on my phone’’ video, when I just got the idea of sharing my must-have (free!) apps. I have to say I haven’t checked if they were available for Android as well or for other countries than Canada… Sorry for any inconvenience.


  • Spotify  (Streaming)                                       -All Recipies  (Cooking)
  • Snapchat  (Social Media)                               -Best Feinds  (Games)
  • Twitter  (Social Media)                                    -White Tiles 4  (Games)
  • Instagram (Social Media)                               -Today-Habit Tracker  (Lifestyle)
  • VSCO  (Photo)                                               -Red Stamp  (Lifestyle)
  • Facetune2  (Photo)                                        -EventBrite  (Lifestyle)
  • Netflix  (Streaming)                                        -Mint  (Finance)
  • Youtube  (Streaming)                                     -Paper  (Write&Art)
  • FitStar, FitStar Yoga  (Fitness)                       -CityMapper  (Travel)
  • Yelp (Travel)                                                    -Novation  (Music)
  • Trip Advisor  (Travel)                                      -Shazam  (Music)
  • Cookspiration  (Cooking)                                -Geochaching  (Fun)
  • MobyPlanner  (Lifestyle)                                 -ToRound  (Lifestyle)
  • Uber  (Lifestyle)                                              -PostMates  (Lifestyle)
  • 1Password  (Lifestyle)                                   -Pinterest  (Inspiration)
  • Wish  (Shopping)                                            -Wishbone  (Fun)


Hope this was useful! Obviously these are just a few of my favourite. You may know some of these already or not, but they are all amazing. To conclude I have a few tips for you,

1- Utilise the apps on your phone, whether it’s the notes, reminders, calendar, etc

2- Check out the categories on your app store to discover event more!

Make sure to leave me more suggestions in the comments!

Love you, have a bright day!


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