I Guess I’m Overwhelmed

Hey guys!

Today, I am posting about my feelings. I was thinking out loud today and kind of noticed that my resolutions hadn’t been very active, that my goals for the month were not really getting achieved… I thought where am I? 2 months ago, I was working out daily, journaling daily,  feeling happy and motivated (with the new year coming) and about to be off and getting ready to start a fun blog… Now here I am having to catch up on my journal weekly, skipping my workout, and always thinking of where I am right now…

I figured I am overwhelmed. Overwhelmed with my efforts for school, overwhelmed with my busy weekends, overwhelmed with my parents, with my chores, routine, goals and just trying to keep all of it up.

I’m not exactly sure what I am going to do about it… I think I need to take it one step at a time, making sure to breathe every step of the way and taking time to cool down and just check in. I’m going to attempt an analogy to try to explain (I really like analogies): pretend I am a car. Back in December, I started going faster and faster, taking up fun things that I loved. Then in January, I thought I should just “keep going straight” since everything was going so well, but I realized it was maybe not straight I had to go… So I slowed down just a little, to keep it safe. But when it was time to speed it up again, I just got so used to going slow, I didn’t like “going fast”. I kept giving myself goals but also kept getting distracted… Now in February (even though its mid month), I want to make a turn and start speeding up… I hope you were able to follow my analogy!

Thanks for reading!

Love you, have a bright day!



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