Calm Playlist

Hi guys!

So today, I am sharing with you a calming/sleep playlists. I LOVE music. I’m always creating new playlists for different feels. This one here is what comforts me and is automatic way to feeling nice and relaxed. Different playlists will be popping up on my blog, so stay close! I hope you like this one!

PS: I have been loving the Spotify app to play my music, it can be free or premium. I’m in love with it. Over the time I have tried many other apps but this is my fave.


  • Lego house, Ed Sheeran
  • Let It Go, James Bay
  • Banana Pancakes, Jack Johnson
  • Details in the fabric, Jason Mraz
  • Latch (Acoustic), Sam Smith
  • Safe And Sound, Taylor Swift
  • Wash, Bon Iver
  • Shovels&Dirt, The Stumbellas

Make sure to leave your suggestions aswell as your thoughts in the comments!

Love you, have bright day!


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