Life Hacks For Studying

Hey guys! Today I am sharing with you my first post on life hacks! It takes me a while to come up and find the right ones. However, I have many ideas planned. This specific article has been tested and approved by me. Study by blocks/sections: Maybe read a chapter (depending on how long, maybe […]

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March Playlist

Hey guys! You seemed to like the playlist I posted a while ago so I thought I would share a new one! My music taste changes a little every few months, and this is what I have been loving lately! This is more of an easy to listen pop, you might not hear these songs […]

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Tips To Sleep Better

Hello again! I feel like it’s been a while! I didn’t plan my posts out right, sorry… But today I thought it would be a good opportunity to give you some sleeping tips since ”Back to school” can be hard and keep you from getting a good night’s sleep…  And I know that sometimes it just feels […]

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Girls Night Essentials

Hey guys! (Or girls considering the title!) Today I am hitting you up with some of my favorite essentials and musts for an amazing girls night. My break is almost coming to an end, but there is still some time to throw an impromptu party! If you want to know more, just keep reading! Obviously, […]

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