The Cursed Child – Book Review

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child,  J.K.Rowling – BOOK REVIEW

Hey guys!

Today I am sharing my review on the new Harry Potter, I know it’s very late but I only got around to reading it properly not too long ago. I am a very big fan of Harry Potter everything. So this book was a little tricky to review… Continue reading to know why!

So overall the story is good and it  was nice to get another ”taste” of Harry’s life. But this time a lot had changed… He was a father, responsible and it was hard for me to let go of the impulsive and adventurous Harry I used to know. However Rowling tried to portray a ”new” Harry, yet mostly an opposite of him in his second son. The second son is acting out, and wishes that he didn’t have such a popular father. For me that admires Harry, it’s hard to read this. It’s also hard not to spoil anything I feel like in the beginning, I had to force myself to sort of accept that this is how the book is, and I kept thinking about it. I couldn’t help but compare it to new nails: They were nice and perfect and dry but you just had to make it ”more perfect” and add a second coat, but that coat messed up… Once I was in the story though, I liked it a lot. I forgot about my ”nail anology” and just enjoyed I was able to read more magical content from J.K.Rowling. I plowed through the book laughing, smiling, and worrying, but it all brought me to: I loved it. As much as I liked this, I don’t think anything could ever replace the adventures of the young Harry, Ron and Hermione. I also think there could have just been the seven original books and no one would have died, but I still liked it. I think the author and all the people who worked on it have done a great job.

I realise I am a little bit all over the place with this post, sorry. It’s what  I truly think. I hope that you liked this or was able to understand this. Make sure to leave some requests or suggestions in the comments!

Love you, have a bright day!


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