What to do on Spring Break!

Hey guys!!

Today I am super excited because it is the first day of my March Break!!! I thought it was only appropriate to give you guys tons of ideas on what to do! I believe I have a pretty good range of chill, fun, at home and on the go ideas so just keep reading!

  • Hang with friends: At home, coffee shop, shopping, movies… Whatever works!
  • Spa day: Face mask, lotion, nails, music, bath
  • Build a fort: Sleep in it, read, watch movies, YouTube, shows, eat in it.
  • Try recipes: Muffins, cookies, drinks, Pinterest maybe some of mine!
  • Go to the library: Pick up some books, read magazines, look for new reads!
  • Explore your village: Movie theaters, cafés, trails, hangouts, ect.
  • Do a photo shoot: At home or outside, find cute backgrounds: snow, beach, trails,
  • Organise your room: Baskets, quotes, folders, DIYs, closet.
  •  DIYs: Garldans, frames, paintings, pots, Pinterest.
  • Try something new: workouts, dance, yoga, writing, blogging, reading, cooking.
  • Make lists to clear your mind: Goals, To-Dos, work (eww), Bucket lists.
  • Create playlists: Fun, pop, workout, sleep, mellow, ect.
  • Shopping: Online or real: make sure you have a list do you don’t overspend!
  • Catch up: Shows, YouTube, work, friends, ect.
  • Plan something:  Trip, future, day, week – even if it’s fake!

I think that’s all for today! I hope this helps. Maybe some of these are cliché but that’s cool! Thank you for all your support! I hope you have an amazing break! Make sure to leave me your plans and suggestions in the comments!

Love you, have a bright day!



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