Spring Break Morning Routine


Today I am sharing with you my morning routine for the week! I did my best to keep it nice, healthy, fun and dynamic. I try to not change it too much, but still here it is.

  • 8:00 Wake up but stay in bed, just chill
  • 9:00 Get out of bed, put on comfy clothes, play some up-beat music, clean up my room a little, plan my day, stretch and dance!
  • 9:30 Go down for breakfast, sometimes it’s big, sometimes it’s quick
  • 10:00 Actually get ready: dressed, hair, makeup (just a little)
  • 10:15 Watch youtube, read, write, TV
  • 11:00 Off to start my day! Check out my latest post to get an idea of what I might do!

That’s pretty much it, it’s really not so interesting but since it’s only one week and schedules sometimes change, I don’t put to much effort into making it intricate! Hoped you liked it and will get inspired from it.

Love you, have a bright day!





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