Girls Night Essentials

Hey guys! (Or girls considering the title!)

Today I am hitting you up with some of my favorite essentials and musts for an amazing girls night. My break is almost coming to an end, but there is still some time to throw an impromptu party! If you want to know more, just keep reading!

  • Obviously, you want your friends, chose the right ones!
  • Good music, try to find the right mood, check out Spotify for help!
  • Food: chips, popcorn, drinks, pizza, fries
  • Games: 2 truths and a lie, would you rather, truth or dare, hide and seek (dark), charades. You can check out apps to help you out
  • Fun spaces: cool lighting, blankets, spacious, maybe a fort? Make sure to be the most prepared so you can stay in your hide out!
  • Activities: spa, baking, dancing, pillow fight
  • Movies
  • Write down  your ideas so you don’t forget anything!
  • Maybe set a theme for your party like pjs, olden times, princess, rich, Disney, PLL

I hope this helps you hype up your party! Make sure to leave any of your thoughts in the comments! Hope you have the best of party and make the most of your off-time!

Love you, have a bright day (or night!)



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