Tips To Sleep Better

Hello again!

I feel like it’s been a while! I didn’t plan my posts out right, sorry… But today I thought it would be a good opportunity to give you some sleeping tips since ”Back to school” can be hard and keep you from getting a good night’s sleep…  And I know that sometimes it just feels impossible to fall asleep. Trust me before these tips it could get really late. But I hope that these will at least put you at ease before sleeping! Leave me your other tips in the comments!

-Don’t think about it: If you keep telling yourself you have to fall asleep, it’s late. You will never fall asleep, you will be too stressed and your mind will be thinking too much.

-Don’t stress it: Please don’t stress about tomorrow, about some work you didn’t finish or try practicing your presentation or start reciting all the information you just studied. That will make you not sleep: you will be thinking too much. When you think about it, nothing can happen, you can’t do anything about it now, your teacher won’t know the work was not done before midnight, you will forget the presentation changes you make in your bed and most importantly, you won’t get all the sleep you need to conquer your day.

-Create a nice calm and sleepy environment: You can use a nice scent, take deep breaths, play quiet sounds or music, Youtube and Spotify have many.

-Give yourself a quiet goal’: Like not move for a minute or stare at the clock until a certain hour, your body will enjoy the feeling of not moving and concentrating on something simple and think it means the end of your day.

-Give yourself some quiet time before bed: Maybe create your calm environment 20 minutes before hopping into bed, read a book, journal, do some yoga.

-Try a little movement in your bed: This one may sound weird but it works: just rock a little side to side, of sickle your toes, have a little pattern of easy moves that will just carry your body to sleep.

-Talk or search it up: you can look up other tips, and ideas to get better sleep. Many researches are being done, this could help you even more!

Really hope this is helpful, just writing this made me want to go to bed! Let me know if you try any of these or if you have any other suggestions!

Love you, have a bright day!



2 thoughts on “Tips To Sleep Better

  1. Georgia says:

    Great tips, I often tend to set little goals or try and keep still for a long time – so nice to clear your mind 🙂

    // xx


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