March Playlist

Hey guys!

You seemed to like the playlist I posted a while ago so I thought I would share a new one! My music taste changes a little every few months, and this is what I have been loving lately! This is more of an easy to listen pop, you might not hear these songs on the radio every day, which is something great; you don’t get tired of them!

  • Twist, Nathan Skyes
  • Salute, Little Mix
  • Doctor You, DNCE
  • Thumbs, Sabrina Carpenter
  • Shape Of You, Ed Sheeran
  • Call On Me (Ryan Riback Remix), Starley
  • Chained To The Rhythm, Katy Perry
  • Be Alright, Ariana Grande
  • Heatwave, Robin Shulz
  • History, Olivia Holt
  • Cold, Maroon 5
  • Follow The Leader, Jennifer Lopez
  • No lie, Sean Paul

That’s most of it! There may be more and my collection is always growing, but I just can’t get enough of these songs! I also recommend you check out Ed Sheeran’s new album, I find he has experimented¬†a little and the results are AMAZING!!! Make sure to leave your comments below!

Love you, have a bright day!



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