Competition Hacks

Hey guys! Been a little while! Today I came up with a good idea of hacks and tips! Competition, since I am part of a team like this, I kinda know what I am talking about! What I mean by competition are arts and sports that require judging. such as gymnastics, cheerleading, dancing, singing. I have […]

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Spring Photo Ideas

Hey guys! Today I am doing something a little bit different and I have never tried this before but here we go!! I decided to try to come up with some cool photo inspiration for spring. Let me know what you think! Rain – I know kinda boring and not great for a vibrant theme […]

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Cookie Dough

Hey guys! Today I thought I would share another of my go-to snacks: an edible cookie dough! I feel like, over the time of always wanting to eat the cookie dough straight up, we have found our ways to create an edible one, but I still thought I would share mine!   This makes for […]

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Things I have been loving

Hey guys! Today I decided to share the things I have been loving lately! I didn’t really do this by month, but if it’s something new you would like me to try, let me know! There is no particular order to this and no specific explanation so I’ll just jump right in!   Cute and […]

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