Hello guys,

Today is not one of my typical posts, I’m expressing true feelings. And today I feel like escaping, if you want to join me on my journey, keep reading.

I have been living normally, happily, regular ”stress” and life. However,  my feelings have been jumbled up a little lately. I don’t get these phases often, but when I do, I do. Lately, I have been trying to stay up, smiley, calm, okay. But I’m tired of running after that, of running after excellence, goals,  harmony. I recently was in an inspiring place and discovered an even bigger part of me. But now I am very busy trying to make sense of all of it. And now I cry whenever I don’t achieve what I don’t work for. And now I cry everytime someone or something comes and bothers me, becomes an obstacle because I just want to go, learn, create, be and become.

And you know I am obsessed with dreaming and meaning, and the best thing I could think of was escaping. Where you ask? I don’t know, wherever my mind takes me, wherever my music takes me, wherever my inspiration takes me, wherever I take me, wherever I am supposed to be.

I think it’s good to have your own escape plan, but always make sure you have a going in plan… And I think whatever path and plan you chose, you will get somewhere.

Love you, have a bright day



2 thoughts on “Escaping

  1. findyourownhope (@findyourownhope) says:

    I really understand this! sometimes I just can’t take all the same routine and thoughts and just want to run away from it all and have a fresh start. I find just clearing my head out in the fresh air and just escaping away from my home for a few hours helpful. I think the best escape for me is the beach though – I really feel stress free and far away from everything there. Hope you’re doing okay xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. pjsandstuff says:

      You have no idea how your comments make my day! I’m glad you could relate! Thanks for the suggestions. You are very lucky to have a nice place like a beach to escape… I’m still finding my own place.


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