Competition Hacks

Hey guys!

Been a little while! Today I came up with a good idea of hacks and tips! Competition, since I am part of a team like this, I kinda know what I am talking about! What I mean by competition are arts and sports that require judging. such as gymnastics, cheerleading, dancing, singing. I have come up with a few ideas that make my life easier and less stressful during comp season.

  • Keep your costumes neat and together.
  • Make a list of each costume, don’t forget to mark hair, accessories, etc
  • Keep the small accessories like bandanas, jewelry attached to the costumes; in a pocket or bags attached to it.
  • Write a costume ”schedule” indicating order and estimated time to change into it.
  • If there is something you cannot forget to do (lipgloss, pinning, extra hair ties, rolled up sleeves) do it right away OR find a way to not forget; attach hair ties to make them bulky, put your lipgloss in your pocket.
  • Have some extra supplies like hair ties, pins, makeup
  • Bring some water, food, money (you never know) and something to keep you occupied (it can get long sometimes)
  • Ba at the event early, you will get to feel the vibes, know your surroundings and be ready.
  • Get or put together the event schedule, don’t miss important numbers or announcements.

Hope this was useful! Let me know if I missed some or what you thought of this!

Love you, have a bright day!


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