Summer Clothing Staples

Hey guys! With summer coming fast, I thought I would post a little about style. I know climate changes through the world, but where I live, we are just starting to get the nice sun. I thought I would share some of my ¬†favorite items in a closet that will guarantee you easy, cute and […]

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Summer-Ready Reflecting Topics

Hey guys! Today I was thinking I would share some thoughts to reflect on to be in the summer mood! These are questions and plans that are great for mindmaps and will help you figure out what you really want! These are all pretty self-explanatory, so I chose¬†to really go into details! Good photographing locations […]

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Mood Booster

Hey guys! Today I thought I would share with you another playlist. It has been a while! I am saving my summer and fun ones for closer to summer, but I thought I would share a playlist curated to boost your mood. The songs will boost your mood from sad to happy! Sad, bad mood […]

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