May Motivation

Hello guys!

Sorry I have been away for a week, my last post didn’t do so well, so I was waiting but decided to come back and honor the beginning of May, with some sort of inspiration post. I’m just sharing what I like about the month of May! Hope that’s cool!!

The first thing that excites me for May is the fact that summer is coming!! Well, at least where I live. The sun is coming out, summer shirts are starting to be back in stores. I’m getting excited making plans and preparing a bucket list for summer 2K17!!

The second thing exciting kind of goes with summer but school is ending soon! For me, I will probably soon be hitting the peak of an end of year rush, but by the end, if the month most units will be completed and the ”chill session” will begin.

Third, is organization, what I mean by this is that I just started the month with a clean mindset, a need of organization and clean-out session. I’m excited to come up with cool ways to upcycle and re-arrange my products, clothing, etc.

Next, is all the summer projects that are coming out. I’m talking about makeup, drinks, clothes, videos. Everyone is starting up the summer theme and it is getting me so excited!

Last, is the feel of a fresh start. I’m feeling like putting in the extra effort, saving up to buy items off my wishlist, thinking things through, preparing myself and being even more ready for life to throw itself around!

That’s all I have for you today. Really hope you enjoyed it. Maybe it inspired you for this new month. Use this opportunity to set your goals, and get ready to demolish them!

Love you, have a bright day!!


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