Summer Clothing Staples

Hey guys!

With summer coming fast, I thought I would post a little about style. I know climate changes through the world, but where I live, we are just starting to get the nice sun. I thought I would share some of my  favorite items in a closet that will guarantee you easy, cute and complete looks! Note that you can have more than one of each but to me, these were my most essential ones!

  • Jean jacket (completes any look)
  • Versatile dress (dress up or down)
  • Cardigan (good for later nights, sophisticated looks)
  • Bag ( stuff your essentials!)
  • Cute denim (go-to jeans or shorts)
  • Adventure shoes ( nature, street, cute)
  • Sleepover PJ’s ( signature sleep attire)
  • Hoodie ( bring it everywhere!)
  • Romper ( outfit in a piece!)
  • Skirt ( looks cute and effortless)
  • Hat ( #badhairdays!)

Last but not least, ALWAYS have a go-to outfit Plan A and B! That’s all for me today! Hope you can inspire yourself for future looks! Let me know if I forgot anything in the list!

Love you, have a bright day!



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