I Am In A Weird Rut

Hello guys,

I know you are probably surprised to see another blog post from me so soon but I needed to get something off of my head, so I thought I would share another one of my articles. Hope you don’t mind and feel free to leave your comments below!

So I think I have ” decided” that I am in this weird rut. What I mean by that is that I am super pumped for summer and motivated. But it’s my life at home that is somewhat messy. I convince myself that I don’t have anything on my to-do list, but I do have small things like laundry and I don’t do it. I feel like I am just doing the minimum and whenever I get the right motivation to start doing my stuff, it sort of dies down… I get distracted or just think that I will do it later. I know that I need to change this before my entire summer goes like this, but I am not sure how ( if you have any suggestions, please leave them below).

This affects me because every night I go to bed knowing I didn’t do what I really needed to do, and it becomes something that adds to a long list of things I forget. Having this list also pisses some of my family… They are always on my back, even though I am pretty independent and I feel like I have nowhere to turn to… They all think they are great and that I don’t do anything! And I just feel like whatever I do, I miss something or there is something else which gets really discouraging.

On top of that, I can’t make my mind up. I know that is very vague. What I mean is that I want to think of all of these things, but my mind can’t process it all! I see a mess, and a to-do list and a basket of stuff and a calendar blank or full and I hear all the peoples voices and I can’t sort through it all! (Has this happened to you?) I am really trying to work through it with outlets and places to expose my feelings but it is still hard…

Anyways that is where I stand today, I know it’s a little blunt, but it was the best way I could just, explain it. Thank you for being my audience, it’s very freeing. I think I might be posting more articles this summer because they are real topics and struggles. If you have made it this far, I congratulate you!

Love you, have a bright day!



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