Venting Group Chats

Hey guys!

Today I decided to share something that I started doing not too long ago; Venting Group Chats. Some tip accounts got together and created venting or ranting group chats with tons of other readers or writers of the accounts. I wasn’t sure about this, but in the end, I love it. Following is a little bit more about them!

So I have to say, there is a lot of texting, so if you have nothing to do, this is kinda great! All the girls come together and share their problems and solutions. You always have someone at the other end there for you. Obviously, you have to be careful because, they are strangers, but I feel it’s a great experience. I myself, have gotten and given great advice. It’ also quite nice to know that everyone has struggles whether they are big family stresses or small like you missed your bus. I really do love this because it’s pretty anonymous, it’s fun, it’s quick and it’s not a big deal.

Another thing: If you have a public figure account like a tip account or a feature account, it is great exposure, not only to discover others but for others to discover you!

How to get in one? I was lucky, I follow a lot of tip accounts and a few of them partnered to create group chats with 14 other girls. All I had to do was comment a specific word and the next minute, I was part of a group. For me, I found the group chat off of: TIPNOTES. You can search this name and dm, writers are usually quite open to messages. If this fails, there are other options such as websites, blogs, accounts, pages.

I hope this was helpful! I know this is kind of different but I really wanted to share my thoughts on this amazing resource.

Love you, have a bright day!



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