Summer Planning

Hey guys!

Today I decided to share my few steps to make sure that all of your summer is under control and that you won’t spend it in front of Netflix all day. Obviously these are just personal ideas, so make sure to leave me what you do to get ready for summer in the comments!

  1. Create your bucket list
  2. Make yourself a weekly calendar, regarding your meals, activities, outings, workouts, etc.
  3. Put all important dates in a calendar or planner, so making plans is easier
  4. Create a Pinterest board containing outfits, recipes, DIYs, workouts. etc.
  5. Plan out a healthy morning routine that works for you, summer is the time to get into good habits!
  6. Make a list of your goals or things you want to take up this summer
  7. Find new activities, locations, cafes, now is the time to explore!
  8. Make or find your go-to summer playlists, it’s no summer without music!

I guess that is it for me right now… I am for sure going to be sharing some more summer-related posts very soon for all occasions! I hope this was a little bit useful or fun to read. Have a great summer!

Love you, have a bright day!


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