Weekly Event Calendar – Summer

Hello guys!

Today, we are doing something a little bit different… I thought I would think up a small weekly event calendar to fill your days a little. These are very small things, but they make that you did something with your day!

Monday: Make pancakes, try out Zumba (video), clean/do chores

Tuesday:  Try a new lunch recipe, go outdoors and exercise, do bucket list item

Wednesday: Bake something, do a workout of your choice, go on a small outing

Thursday: Make a fun drink, find a yoga practice (and do it), do a bucket list item

Friday: Find a smoothie recipe (and do it), try a virtual coaching exercise/game, movie

So those are my little ideas you can do to add a pimp to your regular days. This isn’t a lot, but it makes a small difference! Obviously, none of these is necessary, so feel free to swap out anything! Let me know if you have extra ideas!

Love you, have a bright day!


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