Travel Life Hacks

Hey guys!

I realise it’s been quite a while since I posted some life hacks, so I thought I would share some travel ones for the summer season. Don’t worry I am working on some for summer as well! You might have already heard of these but if not, then enjoy!

  • Thread jewellery through toilet paper roll to prevent tangles
  • Place cotton rounds in fragile makeup containers to prevent breakage
  • Prevent product leaks by placing plastic wrap between bottle and cap
  • Have a ready-made list of things that can occupy you during the ride
  • Make a packing list so you don’t overpack, start it before you pack so nothing gets forgotten
  • For plane travel, keep essentials like a jacket, eye patch, earplugs
  • Place your shoes and outdoor sprays in bags
  • Pack clothing that can mix and match
  • Try to expect the unexpected (weather, events, etc) and prepare for it
  • Prevent items from breaking by placing them in  the middle of clothes

So that’s all for today! I hope some of these can be useful to you! Leave a comment below where you would like to travel!

Love you, have a bright day!


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