Party Themes

Hello everyone,

So I love parties, but I also love to add a little something to parties when I can. One of the best ways to do this is to add a theme to your party! Today I have 8 fun themes that you can play around with!

  • Outdoors (This is all up to you spend some time outside! Maybe camp out?)
  • Murder Mysteries (The possibilities are endless with this theme!)
  • Classy Old Time England (Just jump in character!)
  • Given Characters (Create complete different characters for your guests and just play along with your roles!)
  • Slumber Party/ Spa Party (Self-Explanatory)
  • Diverse Costumed Themes ( Just chose the theme; pirates, Disney…)
  • “Mystical” (Add in the Unicorns and fun creatures and do what you want!)
  • Olden Times ( Just chose your time period and go along!)
  • Country/City-Themed (Decorations, music, food, anything you want!)

Hopefully, these are enough to get you thinking or add a little something to your parties! Let me know how these turn out!

Love you, have a bright day!



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