So I am a student, that loves to write, create, share, publish and dream. I like photography, dancing, music, writing, reading,modeling, laughing, shopping, smiling and doing things that I love.Trying out the “public life” has always been a dream of mine, but now, I am actually trying it out. I have given up a few times when I was younger but I’m tired of that. I’m sort of stuck in the middle, I see big names making it work and small names trying to get it working. I know I must believe, and keep trying, waiting for the right moment. I do feel like this blog is my space, and I love it. I like to post tips, lists of music, apps, favourites and others, aswell as reflections, recaps and thoughts. I hope I can make this work, I hope I can succeed but most importantly, I believe I can!


*The pictures on this blog are not mine*