Miscellaneous Smiles

Hello, So I think I have been on a roll of sharing new content and ideas I have not yet shared, because this week again, I am posting something you have not yet seen here on my blog. However, it is a series I would like to start up if it's appreciated. Basically, it's this … Continue reading Miscellaneous Smiles


Summer 2017

Hello guys, Today, I am reflecting on summer 2017. Reflecting is something I really enjoy doing, so when something comes to an end, I like to share my thoughts. Here it goes. I enjoyed my summer, I cannot say it was life changing like you see on TV or read in books, and I was … Continue reading Summer 2017


Hello guys, Today is not one of my typical posts, I'm expressing true feelings. And today I feel like escaping, if you want to join me on my journey, keep reading. I have been living normally, happily, regular ''stress'' and life. However,  my feelings have been jumbled up a little lately. I don't get these phases often, … Continue reading Escaping