May Goals

Hi everyone! I don’t know about you, but I love starting new months… I feel so fresh, and rejuvenated! Especially in May, I feel like you can start counting down the days until summer, and the days get warmer, but not too hot. I also love reading about what people think of the new month, […]

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My Journal World

Hi guys! If you didn’t know from this blog, I absolutely love to read and write. I read books and blogs daily, and write poems, (beginnings of ) stories, blog posts, and also journal all the time! It’s not something I talk about a lot here, but it is something I do a lot. In […]

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Easing Into The New Year

Hey everyone! As the first week of the new year approaches to its end, just like my winter break… I wanted to write up a mini update on what this week has been all about for me. I have really been enjoying it so much and I wanted to share! So on a not so […]

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