My Favourite Blogs

Hey everyone! Before I started blogging, I had no idea there was even a ”blog world”. I had no idea it was an industry and no idea where to start reading! It seemed pretty silly to have a blog and not know your ”neighbours”, or have a blog and not be able to comment on […]

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May Loves

Hi everyone! Today, I wanted to share a source of a smile, the month of May! Kind of random, maybe… But lately, whenever I think of this month it makes me smile so much! And I just thought I wanted to share. First, there are you guys. Lately, my views and likes have been going […]

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Daily Essentials

Hi guys! I saw a post like this recently and I thought, why not use it as inspiration? So here I am, explaining my daily essentials. Now I do like a lot of things, but actual essentials? I try to limit myself to these before your eyes! My book; I think it’s starting to be […]

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Fall Essentials

Hey guys! We are well into my favourite season, so I thought I would share my essentials for fall! Obviously, these are just suggestions, and my opinions but I think they are pretty standard! Candle Blanket(s) Tea/go-to warm drink Playlist Picture opportunities Comfy outfit Nail colours Pinterest inspo¬†board Pumpkin everything! (almost) Movie + reading list […]

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