Active Routine

Hi everyone! Last month, it was a goal of mine to really start to be more active. I think in some ways I succeeded. I started walking more, kept up (and slowed down at the end of the month…) with running, and so on. For the summer, I would really like to have a more […]

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Habit Tracker – July

Hey guys! Today I am sharing the habits I’m tracking this month (can you believe it’s already July!) I didn’t think I could keep modifying my habit tracker enough to create a new post every month but so far, there has always been little changes! No phone before bed:┬áThis was in my last habit tracker […]

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What’s In My Makeup Bag?

Hey everyone! I’ve noticed a lot of you enjoy my makeup posts so here I am with a new one! Today, I am sharing the items that are in my makeup bag. Now I don’t use all of them on a daily basis because sometimes I have to pick and choose (I won’t wear 2 […]

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Summer Reading: Trilogies

Hello! This morning I am sharing a reading list, with a twist; I’m only sharing trilogies! I am that person that goes to the library and picks up a book only to realise that it’s #2 out of 3 books… So this summer, I have compiled all of them into a reading list. I find […]

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